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Fadwa Saad

After graduating from University of Sudan, with a BA in Fine Arts and Graphic Design in 2001, Fadwa Sa'ad decided to follow her passion for teaching, and turn it into a career.So she took training courses in teaching methods in England 2002 and obtained a diploma in Language and Translation from university of Juba, in 2008.

Fadwa believes teaching is a two-ways learning method, and finds teaching a tool for both her and her students to turn knowledge into achievements.

Being a teacher in Unity School- a private British school that takes English as the formal language- Fadwa noticed that Students who come from a foregin background, and are already struggling with poor arabic skills, find Arabic language books dull, unattractive and out of date.

Believing that adding some creativity to old education methods, could be the key to this problem. So she decided to take matter on he own hands and use simple visual communication tools, to make Arabic books more appealing to her students and help them not only understand it better but even interact with it!

.Fadwa hopes her idea would be taken further and implemented in all Sudanese schools, for the whole teaching currcilum


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