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MEI: Yahia M. Elamin

Yahia M. Elamin

Yahia M. Elamin is a motivated, aspiring young inventor, who is currently studying at Sudan University of Science and Technology. He grew up in a household of Engineers and that was a source of motivation which helped pave the way to his career. As a child, when he received his first set of Lego blocks, he began building many forms and structures; this showcased his creativity and further developed his artistic and visual talents.
He was always disassembling anything electronic he could get his hands on and then reassembled it to form a new invention. His family, by recognizing his talents, has been a pillar of encouragement and the MEI group has been a major network of support.
Growing up, Steve Jobs was a great source of inspiration for him and he hopes to someday achieve the same level of success. Like his role model, Yahia believes that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, and so he self-taught himself many software programs and has been able to master them in a short amount of time. He is also artistic in many aspects; he enjoys composing poetry and is passionate about history and learning about our ever changing and multifaceted world.


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