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Wafa Elamin

Wafa Elamin is a fifth year medical student at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology (UMST). She was raised in County Kildare in Ireland as the only Muslim African girl in the Irish town of Naas and studied in Catholic schools.
The strong atmosphere of her Sudanese home contrasted greatly to the Irish culture. She considers that this is the only factor that helped her build a very strong sense of personality and religion. She believes she is dreamer; fantasying about a world both peaceful as it is accepting. She wanted to give a voice for those neglected by the society. Medicine has been her gateway into the heart of the Sudanese community through voluntary humanitarian work in non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
Wafa is currently a Project Coordinator of "Water the World" committed to bring water to the most vulnerable families in internally displaced people (IDP) camps such as "Mayo". My message to both the Sudanese youth and all those across Africa is: “RISE" - this is the era for great intervention. Do not wait for others to throw the dice when it is your turn to awe the world. Rise Africa”.


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