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TEDxKhartoum-Gada Kadoda

Ghadda Gadoda

Kadooda is an activist academic who is a founding member of Mehen (a women training centre in Khartoum), and works with community-based organizations on development-related projects.

Currently, she is involved in solar electrification of two villages in South Kordofan that she helped start in 2008 through INAT and the Barefoot College in India.

Her work experience started as programmer and system analyst after graduation at local software houses. After obtaining her postgraduate degrees she held research positions at Bournemouth University (1998-2001) working on prediction techniques and data mining; and at Imperial College (2001-2003) working on data analysis and visualization. She moved to the University of the West Indies,Cave Hill Campus in Barbados, as lecturer in computer science until 2005. Since her time at Imperial College , she developed research interests in multidisciplinary study areas of knowledge management and appropriate technology.

Today Gada Kadoda is an associate professor at Garden City College for Science and Technology, and teaches part time at the departments of Computer Science and Information Technology at the Universities of Khartoum and Kassala. She is consultant for the Epidemiological Laboratory in Khartoum as well as works with national and international organizations offering her Software Engineering and Knowledge Management expertise to areas such as health service improvement and rural development.


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