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الفاعلية Elsheikh Mohamed Elsheikh

Elsheikh Mohamed Elsheikh

Elsheikh Mohamed Elsheikh is a Science and Philosophy Researcher and holds a B.Sc. in Math and Physics as well as a M.Sc. of Applied Math, both from the University of Khartoum. He was the former head of department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Eltahadi University, Serit, Libya and was also a member of the Sudanese National Academy of Science.
Elsheikh is a dedicated researcher who has spent more than four decades innovating and developing two projects, by self-teaching in his spare time, under extremely challenging circumstances. The first project concerns the “Faeeliya Analysis” and the second is the “Life-Principle”, or what he calls “Generalized Physics”.
Elsheikh had been invited in 2010 to one of the Ecological Society of America’s meeting, in appreciation to his contribution and was also honored by the Sudanese Writers Union for his contributions during that same year.


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