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Tartar Studio

Amin Bahari

Amin Bahari is an unpublished Sudanese comic artist-turned-animator and film director. Amin is currently a trainee in Emergency Medicine and animates in his free time. In March of 2011, Amin founded Tartar Studio, a non-profit on-line animation studio with a mission to promote Sudan, its culture and traditions through the production of animated, high quality videos featuring local content. Tartar's videos soon gained wide popularity within the on-line Sudanese community and were featured on local and on-line newspapers. One of Amin's films was also screened at International film festivals.
A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Khartoum, Amin did not receive any formal education in Animation or film. He founded Tartar Studio in an attempt to positively alter the negative images associated with Sudan in the international media. Amin strongly believes that the wide access and interactivity that the Internet provides will turn Tartar Studio from a mere on-line animation studio into an art and social movement.


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