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Speko (Speaking glove)

AbdelKareem Badri

Abdelkareem Bedri was born in Sudan 1987. He earned his BS.c of Electronics Engineering from University of Khartoum in 2008.

In his graduation year, ElBedri decided to utilize his talent and help the deaf to engage in the society. Therefore he invented a glove that could transfer the deaf signs into a form of speech.

Upon his graduation ElBedri proceeded to develop his invention further by participating in five exhibitions and competitions all over the world ; Kenya, Lebanon, Jordan, Netherlands and won many prizes for his invention.

One of the most recognized prize was was “King Abdullah Award for Youth Innovation and Achievments” which granted him a fund to develop his invention further and turn it into a product. ElBedri spent six months in Germany to develop his project.

After his Graduation ElBedri worked as research assistant in Electronic Systems Research Center- Sudan University of Science and Technology 2008 – 2009 .Parallel to that he also worked in Electronic Engineering Department- Faculty of Engineering University of Khartoum as Teaching assistant.

Abdelkareem ElBedri is also the founder of “Speko” Company developing technology that enables the deaf to communicate. ElBedri hopes to accomplish real change through his research and System Development.


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